The initial R&D effort was driven by the watchmaking industry. Since then, our award-winning and patented ICB technology is on the tech roadmap of international prime companies in many industrial fields. Today, it is closely followed by its derivative AdHera, an enhancer for deposited thin films.


Whilst the semiconductor industry largely relies on classic Anodic Bonding, Sy&Se's ICB offers not only a smooth alternative that dramatically lowers the bonding time and temperatures north of 120°C: It also allows to bond novel material pairs needed for cutting-edge applications in power electronics, optronics, 5G telecom and more.

Watchmaking and Luxury Goods

Watchmaking is “assembly par excellence“, as it includes a vast variety of critical joints where adhesives are today's suboptimal solution due to quality issues and ageing. ICB provides cost effective and long-lasting alternatives, whereas AdHera further increases the surface's durability of such valuable watches and luxury goods.

Mobile devices and telecom

The frantic race for performance in connected mobiles requires relentless innovation in microelectronics, materials science and production methods. Sy&Se's patented ICB and AdHera technologies also make it possible to meet such challenges posed by displays and HMI, 5G components, antennas, optronics and packaging.


Due to its extreme environments and high reliability requirements, Aerospace is a prime application domain for Sy&Se's technologies: MEMS, packaging of embedded electronics, RF or electro-optical devices and sensors are just a few of them that can strongly benefit from the low temperature, high tightness bonding technologies.